FootFall: the all-in-one solution for NHS England modern practices

With a proven track record in over 1,000 practices, FootFall is the result of collaborative efforts between healthcare professionals and patients. Meticulously designed, it transforms the patient care landscape, improving patient access to healthcare services and helping practices manage demand more efficiently.

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What do you get with FootFall?

Foundation - the digital core of your Practice

Looking for an NHS-themed site which provides key information to patients at a glance but still keeps you in control? Foundation is the answer.

Tailor information blocks to your site while retaining the NHS look and feel. Enhance your Foundation experience by adding Silicon Practice advanced dashboards.

Silicon Practice Foundation


Select from our collection of ready-made forms, covering various tasks such as online patient registration, blood pressure recording, health reviews, fit note requests, and appointment cancellations.

FootFall Forms Key Features

  • Over 50 forms, many available with in-built SNOMED coding, including New Patient Registration and various health review questionnaires
  • Forms are configured to be routed to workflows/streams for either specific staff members or groups
  • Staff members and caregivers have the ability to fill out forms on behalf of patients
  • Respond to patients and exchange attachments
  • Staff can deactivate forms and guide patients to appropriate channels during busy periods or when the practice is closed
Send Patient Questionnaires Send Patient Forms for GP Practices

EHR Integration

Integrate with third party tools and online consultation systems, facilitating the export of healthcare episodes to EMIS and SystmOne, accompanied by SNOMED coding.

Efficient EMIS/SystmOne integration with FootFall:

  • Send episodes directly to patient records
  • Integrate SNOMED-CT coded data seamlessly
  • Attach images to enhance record information
  • Gain access to ongoing patient requests
  • Edit information prior to updating patients’ records
EHR Integration EMIS SystmOne Integration Silicon Practice

FootFall Connect

Utilise our unique desktop application which enables a direct integration between FootFall and your chosen clinical system.

FootFall Connect key features:

  • Send episodes directly into the patient record with SNOMED coding, including images and notes

  • Retrieve the active patient’s FootFall episodes and data

The application comes with a floating desktop toolbar that can be used whilst working in your chosen clinical system to perform tasks such as:

  • View the active patient’s FootFall episodes
  • Sending the active patient a message
  • Booking or starting a Video Consultation with the active patient
Screenshots of the FootFall connect system


Promote collaboration among practices within PCNs, Localities, and ICBs by supporting centralised form processing through the use of additional dashboards.

Key Features with FootFall eHub:

  • Utilise supplementary dashboards to facilitate efficient request sharing among diverse practices
  • Empower centralised teams to handle requests for individual practices
  • Direct requests to dedicated dashboards designed for specialist teams
  • Schedule the routing of requests to dashboards, especially during practice out-of-hours
  • Monitor the progress of requests on alternative dashboards, including those from the originating practices
eHub FootFall Silicon Practice ICB PCN Collaboration

Video Consultation

Initiate video consultations directly from the dashboard, inviting patients by SMS or email.

Key Features

  • Initiate video consultations at your convenience, either instantly or through scheduled appointments
  • Easily invite patients using any web-enabled device: smartphone, tablet, or desktop—no app required
  • Capture screenshots during the consultation and seamlessly send them to the clinical system
GP Practice Video Consultations Platform Telemedicine

Advanced Dashboard - the nerve centre of your digital practice

FootFall dashboard is a central hub for all your patient queries giving complete visibility to all patient queries containing:

  • Integration with EMIS/SystemOne: Send an episode directly from the dashboard to the patient record
  • SNOMED coded forms: FootFall contains 13 pre-coded review forms.
  • FootFall Connect: Message patients, initiate a video consultation and view patient requests
  • Attachments: Enable patients to send attachments, including images
  • Over 50 different form types: Which can be customised to the needs of the practice
  • Patient verification: All patient requests are automatically checked against the PDS
  • Workflow control: triage, assign, track and respond to all patient requests
  • Admin user control: Create and manage users and groups
  • Two-way conversations: Practices can allow/ request patients to respond to practice replies
  • Alert automation: Set expected response times for each type of patient request
  • Complete digital triage: Complete phone-in requests on behalf of patients
  • Patient form control: Temporarily switch off online request forms or signpost and navigate patients elsewhere when appropriate
  • Equitable assigning: Display current workload for each clinician allowing requests to be assigned equitably
  • Quick responses and automatic acknowledgements: Customisable patient auto-acknowledgement responses to be sent whenever a patient completes a form
  • SMS text messaging: Integrate with your current SMS provider allowing responses to be texted to patients
  • Video consultations: On demand or scheduled
  • Insights and analytics: Improve practice efficiencies

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