Patient Feedback

Founded in 2004, Silicon Practice has always strived to create software from the viewpoint of an NHS patient within a GP surgery through patient feedback.

We never forget that every patient has a unique 'digital' appetite. Ensuring our products are welcoming and user-friendly is crucial in making online healthcare a seamless experience for patients of all ages.

Patient Feedback

'So easy to fill in the form and they phoned within 30 minutes'

'I like the fact that I could do it online any time'

'Easy to use from the outset - should save a lot of time'

Patient Feedback Stories

'Can be filled in online at any time'

‘I don’t like going to the doctor’s and pestering people. However, I filled out the form in the early hours of Thursday before I went to sleep. Heard back from them Thursday lunch time. Had a call from the doctor Friday lunch time… I like the fact that I could do it online any time.’

'Filling in the form was so easy...'

‘I thought this wouldn’t work at first, especially for the older generation who don’t have the internet or no one close to help them but they can still phone up. I filled in the form. It was so easy and they phoned me within 30 minutes of filling in the form with an appointment for the same day. ‘


‘I was impressed last week to fill in the form saying it could wait a few days, and had a phone call within the hour and an appointment late the same night!’


‘I’m so used to ringing and getting given a time to come in but used it for my teenage daughter – filled in the form late last night: had a call at 9am and an appointment at 10.20. Brilliant.’

'Should save patients and doctors time'

‘As a patient encountering this software for the first time on my surgery’s website, I found it easy to use. FootFall should save patients and doctors a lot of time.’

'Much more efficient'

‘Very impressed… filled out form early this morning, GP phoned me mid-morning and sent my prescription to the chemists without me seeing him. Much more efficient.’

'I was put at ease and much more relaxed'

‘I get quite anxious when I have to ring people and would more than likely put it off, doing it this way I was put at ease and much more relaxed. I understand the system won’t work for everyone but it certainly works for me.’

'I think it will work well for the practice'

‘I filled in the online form late last night ready for today. I had a phone call at 10am from a doctor who gave an appointment for 12.50. 

‘I think it will work well for the practice.’

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