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We are on a mission to synchronise patients and their healthcare provider experiences. On this page, you can find more information about the patient-facing side of the platforms.

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At the heart of everything we do, you'll find our unwavering dedication to upholding our core values:


We believe in thinking creatively and we actively seek and embrace the latest advancements


We build trust through transparency


We believe in empowering every individual, including the dedicated healthcare staff who use our solutions, to contribute their unique talents and insights

How do we help patients?

Contact GP

Easily contact your GPs for consultations, enquiries or to book appointments.

Contact GP Practice online

Request Prescriptions

With our software, you can conveniently submit prescription requests from the comfort of your home.

Request Prescriptions Online with Silicon Practice GP Website

Share Health Records

Request your medical information with just a few clicks. Securely and easily share health records with your healthcare providers. 

Access Health Records with Silicon Practice GP Website

Receive Test Results

Your test results may be available through online portals or mobile applications, without having to wait for phone calls (depending on how your practice uses Silicon Practice products).

Receive Test Results Online with Silicon Practice GP Website

Submit Health Reviews and Assessments Online

With user-friendly interfaces and digital platforms, you can conveniently complete reviews and assessments – including recording blood pressure readings – anywhere.

Health Reviews and Questionnaires Online GP Practice Website

Video Consultations

Participate in virtual appointments with healthcare providers from the comfort of your home. 


 Silicon Practice has successfully completed NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit and has Cyber Essentials Plus certification, is ISO27001 certified and is compliant with DCB0129 Clinical Risk Management

Silicon Practice products Footfall and Foundation are on the Digital First online consultation and video consultation (DFOCVC) framework.

Silicon Practice is fully compliant with the NHS DFOCVC framework, which covers video consultations. Consultations are end-to-end encrypted and, in accordance with NHS requirements, are not recorded or stored.

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