photo of the silicon practice team on the our story page

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Our Story

Our story involves overcoming challenges and solving issues with healthcare professionals to make life easier for patients.

We have now built nearly two decades of support for GP practices. Today, we proudly serve nearly 1000 websites as we continue to roll out our latest and most exciting product yet: Foundation.

Our Mission

Is to transform patient access to primary care.

2004: A Vision Takes Shape

In 2004, Steve Treadwell and Jane Oddy founded Silicon Practice with a mission to transform patient access to primary care.

They set out on an exciting journey to make healthcare more accessible, and their passion for innovation guided every step.

photo of the silicon practice founders on the our story page

2005: A Friendly Beginning

In 2005, we launched our first websites for GP Practices in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, taking our first steps towards a more helpful and user-friendly healthcare experience.

2012: Pioneering Online Consultation

In 2012, we embarked on an informative journey by introducing our first online consultation system. 

This was a groundbreaking moment in healthcare innovation.

2014: A New Home. FootFall Conception‚Äč

In 2014, we found our home in Lydiard Fields, Swindon, and began developing FootFall sites.

FootFall – an online replica of a physical GP surgery – helped make healthcare more accessible and efficient, reducing the need for patients to phone or visit their practice.

2015-2016: FootFall's Pilot and Going Live

In 2015, we piloted FootFall, bringing our vision to life. We were thrilled to see our dream becoming a reality. In February 2016, our first FootFall site went live.

2021: Achieving Excellence

By 2021, Silicon Practice had achieved ISO27001 certification and was successfully onboarded to the NHS Digital First Online Consultation and Video Consultation Framework (DFOCVC).

August - October 2021: EHR Integration

By August 2021 EMIS integration was completed. Healthcare episodes can now be sent directly to patient record, SNOMED coded. By October 2021 first practice integrated with SystmOne.

2022: Foundation - Advancing FootFall

In 2022, we introduced Foundation, representing the next level of innovation built upon the invaluable feedback and insights from practices using FootFall sites.

Foundation is an innovative practice website that was meticulously designed to reflect the NHS look and feel while taking primary care to new heights.

February 2023: A New Chapter

In February 2023, we partnered with Schappit Ltd, the owner of Piota, marking a new chapter in our journey.

Silicon Practice Rebrand

May 2023: A Transformative Rebrand

In May 2023, Silicon Practice underwent
a transformative rebrand, reflecting our commitment to advancing healthcare innovation.

June 2023: First Foundation Sites Go Live

Our first three Foundation sites go live, continuing our mission to empower healthcare.

At the heart of everything we do, you'll find our unwavering dedication to upholding our core values:


We believe in thinking creatively and we actively seek and embrace the latest advancements


We build trust through transparency


We believe in empowering every individual, including the dedicated healthcare staff who use our solutions, to contribute their unique talents and insights


We prioritise the well-being and growth of our team, clients and communities.


We believe in thinking creatively and differentiating ourselves in everything we do.


We build trust through transparency.


We foster a culture of openness and respect, where everyone is empowered to contribute.

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