FootFall V6 Upgrade Saves Practices Time and Effort

FootFall Case Study: Quedgeley Medical Centre, Gloucester

Quedgeley Introduction

We redesigned the FootFall dashboard aiming to streamline tasks and enhance dashboard user’s such as Quedgeley Medical Centre, experience.

Although the Version 6 dashboard looks different, the concept is still the same, but with an improved layout, sleeker design and new – but optional – features.

Two women, a doctor and a patient, talking on the Quedgeley case study page

Practices who have upgraded to FootFall Version 6 like:

Automatic PDS patient and proxy patient verification

Being able to view requests in different views, worklists and status lists

SNOMED code editing tools

Ability to view and assign a patient request from the dashboard home page

The Solution

Version 6 smoothly integrates with the clinical system for Quedgeley Medical Centre

We spoke to SystmOne users Quedgeley Medical Practice, who have a list size of nearly 6400, to find out more about the results of the upgrade.

Laptop showing the Quedgeley website

"New look dashboard delivers what we want" - Quedgeley Medical Centre

If your practice uses EMIS Web, don’t worry, version 6 integrates with EMIS too.

  • “Getting each healthcare episode into a patient’s notes used to be a two-step process, now we’re writing directly into the patient journal which saves time, reduces the load on the clinical system and makes the paper record smaller.”
  • “Integration with SystmOne has definitely speeded things up for us.”
– Quedgeley Medical Centre, Gloucester

The SNOMED Code Editors work for Quedgeley

Version 6 dashboards include SNOMED coding tools, so staff can look up and add appropriate codes to forms.

“The way SNOMED codes are managed now saves us time and maintains consistency. Forms now have the appropriate SNOMED codes added by us, which makes things convenient and straightforward”

– Quedgeley Medical Centre, Gloucester

Users can add SNOMED coding to patient forms, form questions and the patient’s episode using the coding tools.

SNOMED coding

Training and support – there when you need it

Quedgeley Medical Practice found the upgrade process to be well-supported. The provided resources, including weekly webinars and training videos, were instrumental in helping their staff grasp the new features and functionalities of Version 6. The straightforward training sessions and easily accessible resources ensured a smooth transition for the entire team.

“The online training session was straightforward and the YouTube video was easy to access and helpful.”

“Upgrading to the new dashboard was very easy for our staff and we’re very pleased that we went ahead with it.”

“There are efficiency benefits which we’re sure other practices would benefit from if they’re using older versions of the dashboard.

We would recommend that they do upgrade.”

Quedgeley Medical Centre, Gloucester

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