March 2023

Transfer of Silicon Practice to Schappit Ltd (trading as Piota)

Silicon Practice was transferred to Schappit Ltd (trading as Piota) on Monday 27th February. NHSE has undertaken due diligence to confirm that Schappit Ltd is an appropriate supplier to the Digital First Online Consultation/Video Consultation Framework, and the relevant agreements with Schappit Ltd in relation to the framework are in place.

Schappit Ltd will continue to deliver services to existing Silicon Practice customers without disruption and will retain the Silicon Practice name and branding. ICBs and practices should continue to use the existing points of contact in relation to any technical issues, website updates, upgrades and contract renewals.

We are developing an FAQs document jointly with NHSE which we will publish in the next few days, but if you have any immediate questions, please email the NHSE Commercial & Procurement Hub

Transfer of Silicon Practice to Schappit Ltd t/a Piota

Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened to Silicon Practice?

Silicon Practice has been sold to another business called Schappit Ltd (trading as Piota). The sale took place following due diligence by Silicon’s representatives and NHSE Commercial Delivery team.  The sale completed on 27 February and Schappit Ltd have now taken over the business.

Who are Schappit Ltd t/a Piota?

Schappit Ltd work with healthcare organisations across the UK to provide Apps that enable NHS Trusts to communicate news, clinic information, letters and other information to their patients and staff. You can find out more about Piota Apps at

I’m a customer of Silicon Practice – what happens now?

Silicon Practice services are running as normal. Schappit Ltd are committed to providing a full and uninterrupted service following the transfer from Silicon Practice. If you have any support queries, please contact your normal Silicon Practice contacts.

Will the new supplier continue to provide the current solution?

Schappit Ltd have committed to continue to deliver the service to customers in order to minimise impact of the change to patients and practices.

Will this affect the practice financially?

What happens to advance payments?

If you have made an advance maintenance payment to Silicon Practice, please do not worry. Schappit Ltd will be working with Silicon Practice and their representatives to ensure all payments are transferred as appropriate. Schappit Ltd will be in touch with you on this matter.

I have an invoice outstanding for maintenance and support

Schappit Ltd will be contacting you shortly to make arrangements for you to pay.

I need to make urgent changes to my website now, what do I do?

The service is running as normal. For any changes you should contact your normal Silicon Practice contacts.

I am due to have an install what happens next?

All installations are continuing as normal so if you have any questions please contact your normal Silicon Practice contacts.

What is happening in the future?

Schappit have exciting plans to invest behind the amazing Silicon Practice team as they develop and expand the Silicon Practice product offering which is such a critical solution for GP practices nationally.

We are due to renew/extend our contracts from 1st April 2023. Are we safe to continue to do this?

Yes, the continuity of service has been central to the process undertaken with the new suppliers. You should contact your usual Silicon Practice contacts to commence this process with Schappit Ltd.

If we are waiting for quotes, when can we expect these to be communicated.

Following the completion of this transfer the Silicon Practice team are operating all business processes as usual and can support you to get these quotes completed and approved so that you can get your solution implemented as soon as possible.

Will the cost model for the services change?

Schappit’s immediate priority is ensuring business as usual and working with the amazing team at Silicon Practice to identify plans for how they move the business forward in the best interests of all stakeholders.

I am due to be provided with information in order to start the procurement and renewal of contracts process. When can we expect these?

The Silicon Practice team is operating all business processes as normal and can support you as normal in the procurement and renewal contracts process.

Some practices whose contracts are coming to an end in March wish to transfer to a new supplier. Will the supplier agree to a 3 month transition to support the practices moving?

Yes. Schappit are sorry to see customers leave and hope they will return in the future. The supplier can offer a 3 month paid contract extension to ensure a smooth transition to the new supplier. The support offered will be in keeping with current customer support levels.

I am due to upgrade to new integrated Footfall version – the ICB have additional funding to support this that needs to be spent in year. How can this be progressed urgently?

The Silicon Practice team is operating all business processes as normal and can support you getting the upgrades progressed urgently.

We need to complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment. Who do we need to contact from the supplier to support this process?

The Silicon Practice team is operating all business processes as normal and can support you with the completion of Data Protection Impact Assessments.